How we can help?

Relius offers tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy execution, finance, and operations.

We use innovative methods to unlock your business’s hidden potential and steer you to success. We possess the technical skills and knowledge that you require, whether it be to make a diagnosis and provide smart business solutions or to resource key projects.

Partnering with RELIUS is the greatest advantage a business can have against its competitors. We provide scalability to your business model and bridge the gap between you and your largest competitors.

No matter the size of your business, we are highly skilled and experienced in developing pragmatic and scalable improvement 

opportunities, that are specifically designed to drive effectiveness and efficiency. Most of the time, small enterprises overlook the importance of engaging a consultant, especially in the early stages of their business evolution.
Our many years of experience and knowledge we can pass on during the critical points in a business life cycle, can be essential in whether or not your business makes the leap from being a small enterprise or dynamic growing business.
At RELIUS, we help our clients understand the importance of establishing a strong business structure and tactical operational processes that will ensure the longevity and success of their business.

A clear vision upfront compounded with a powerful business plan (structure) is the most important pillar to having a successful business.

Our Business Consulting & Advisory Services can provide the following assistance to your business:


How can we help?

Our approach is to understand your business which includes your business model, labour model, pricing model, sales and marketing model and value proposition. We set a structured framework to assess the best path for your business and a reporting system that maximises your business success.

Our team and partners provide you with a competitive edge that allows you to start, grow and scale your business. Our team includes Chartered Accountants, Certified Practising Accountants, Industry Experts, Market Researchers, Graphic Designers and Digital Marketing Consultants. We bring a significant amount of knowledge, skills and expertise to your project. This allows you to gain the skills of a large corporate team through an affordable consulting service model.

We invest heavily in our team and the best resources and tools available that we can then bring to your business. Whether this be the latest industry data, trends, benchmarks or analytical tools our collective skills and resources are applied to your project.

Why Choose Us for Your Business Consulting Needs?

Proven Outcomes

We have built a reputation of consistently producing quality results.

No Contracts

We build long term working relationships with our clients through the the quality of work performed

Proven Outcomes

We don’t take a template approach to any new project. Each project is scoped out and a customised approach is developed.

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